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From a box to a building, there's a story wherever you look. Kara B. Wilson has written five picture books and four stage plays for youth. She's an active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and the critique group Pen Ultimate. 


A former educator, Kara earned an M.Ed and a B.A. in Literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She's worn a variety of hats: theater director, nonprofit program manager, consultant, and digital marketing strategist. She's also a military spouse and a mom to a very chatty, hilarious toddler.


She loves reading, traveling, and exploring the Pacific Northwest's misty trails and beaches with her family.

Picture Books

DEAR NEW KID Chris must move and he can't take his house with him, no matter what he tries. So he writes a letter to the new kid moving in and realizes the best thing about his home is actually something that will help him say goodbye to it.

DAD'S PLANET When Dad moves to another planet, Mae blasts off to visit him. Will they still be the galaxy's greatest team even on this strange new planet?

DRAGON PRINCESS When Dragon hears princesses laughing for the first time, she wants to be a princess too. But can she work through her tendency to take and torch things in order to unlock the magic of princess life?

FRIEND NOT PET Pillbug dreams of becoming a girl’s friend but the girl only sees him as a pet. Obviously, he is far too advanced for pet life so he must find a way to set her straight — before it’s too late.

A PEACOCK WITH A PURPOSE Determined to prove there’s more to him than peacock pizazz, Preston shows how helpful he can be on the farm, even in the face of danger.



Honorable Mention

In 2020, DEAR NEW KID, was awarded one of two honorable mentions for the Ann Whitford Paul - Writer's Digest Award. Judges said it had "a strong child’s voice, gentle humor, and honest expressions of emotion." 


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