Stage Plays for Youth

Miss Teen Dream

"Miss Teen Dream" is a comedic beauty pageant that unfolds as a reality show narrated by a lively host. Ten unique contestants prepare with the help of their very opinionated parents, a demanding pageant director, and a few cynical stagehands. Through these characters, ideas about beauty, individuality, and stereotypes are creatively conveyed. 

Press for 2013 Production

Best suited for middle school and high school students.

Shakespeare is My Father

Inspired by William Shakespeare's life, this play tells the story of a famous playwright who has left his family to pursue his career in London. When his estranged children come to stay with him for the summer, Shakespeare discovers that they are the answer to his writer's block, and their personalities and experiences inspire a few of his most famous plays. 

Press for 2012 Production
Best suited for middle school and high school students.

The Diary Project

"The Diary Project" ​features a group of teenagers who must complete a writing project for their English class. Through conversations and diary entries, the audience learns about their struggles including: heartbreak, gossip, eating disorders, depression, and academic pressure. The darker moments of this play are punctuated by comedic scenes involving a very vocal sex education substitute teacher who has no professional experience but a great deal of enthusiasm. 

Press for 2013 Production

Best suited for high school students.

Truly Cinderella

This comedic twist on a fairy tale reveals the true character of a whiny, naive Cinderella. With the help of her gracious stepsisters and a charismatic matchmaker, Cinderella does everything she can to win over the prince in hopes of receiving the final rose during a ceremony at the ball. 

Press for 2011 Production

Best suited for elementary, middle, and high school students.

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