Picture Books

Dear New Kid

When boxes take over his house, Chris knows it's time to move. The worst part: he loves his house but he can't take it with him, no matter what he tries. So he writes a letter for the next child to find. That way, they will know every important thing about his house. By doing so, Chris is able to appreciate his house, accept the loss of it, and realize that he still has his family, which just might be the best part of home.


Dear New Kid was recognized as a runner up in SCBWI's annual Writers and Illustrators Day contest in Los Angeles. 

A Peacock with a Purpose

When Preston the peacock arrives on the farm, everyone is dazzled by his great looks - until Tempest the turkey points out that Preston doesn't have a real job. Determined to prove there’s more to him than peacock pizazz, Preston shows how helpful he can be, even in the face of danger.

Cat vs. Baby

Leo absolutely hates being cuddled and getting attention, but he puts up with it since he knows he's the cutest, most talented cat alive. Then one day, Mom and Dad bring home a furless baby who Leo must compete with to prove he's the real star of the family.

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